It’s necessary to send files complying with the following rules to prevent any confusion or unpleasant problems during processing time:

  • Create a folder named AUDIO, which will contain other new folders concerning the sides of the record (Side A, Side B, etc.). Upload in those folders all the audio files;
  • Number audio files consecutively in their order of playing (ex. 1-Firstsong, 2-Secondsong, 3-Thirdsong, etc.);
  • Create a folder named GRAPHICS (click here for templates), which will contain all the final graphics (Please name the labels as SIDE A and SIDE B);
  • Create a .txt file which will contain all relevant information concerning the processing (….), your e-mail, TAX code or VAT number (for invoice), shipping address and phone number;
  • Finally, create a compressed archive (winrar, 7zip, etc.) containing all the forementioned requested material and signed quote. Send it by WeTransfer to
The processing will start only after the payment will be received.