Format 7″

Lathe cutting
7 single lathe cuts riversamento vinile
[blockquote text=”The 7” format has been created to sustain the circulation of record singles because it provides high quality levels of lathe-cutting up to 4 minutes per side at a speed of 45 rpm (recommended). The cutting time can be increased up to 7 minutes of music per side at 33 rpm, but that implies a reduction in terms of volume and quality.” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

Colours and thicknesses

Every format is available with a standard hole of 7mm and with the bigger hole.

7 black vinyl vinile nero

Colour: Black
Thickness: 1,5mm / 2mm

7 transparent vinyl vinile trasparente

Colour: Trasparent
Thickness: 1mm / 2mm

vinyl flexi disc vinile flessibile

Colour: Trasparent Flexidisc

Vinile 7 pollici picturedisc 7 inches vinyl picture disc

Colour: Picture Disc
Thickness: 2mm


7 white label bianca


7 printed label vinyl stampata vinile

Printed in CMYK
(Click here for the template)


7 white sleeve bianca


7 black sleeve nera


7 printed sleeve stampata

Printed in CMYK
(Click here for the template)


inserto stampato printed insert

No fold – 2 pages (front/back)

(Click here for the template)

printed insert inserto stampato

One fold – 4 pages

(Click here for the template)


single pvc cover vinyl busta pvc 4 giri vinile

Protective transparent PVC Sleeve

single vinyl pvc cover 45 giri busta pvc

Protective transparent PVC Sleeve with sticker

(Click here for the template)

7 discobag vinyl cover vinile

White/Black Discobag

7 printed cover vinyl copertina stampata vinile

Printed in CMYK 

(Click here for the template)

Gatefold cover printed in CMYK 

Coloured card with hand sewing 

(Available in many colours)

Coloured card with hand sewing and sticker

(Available in many colours)

(Click here for the template)

Shrink-wrapping available on request.
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