CDs, DVDS & Blurays duplication and replication

cd dvd bluray replication and duplication
[blockquote text=”Printing and duplication of optical media, packaging and inserts. We offer a range of solutions to meet all your needs thanks to our special packages. Times of rapid processing and guaranteed quality.” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

Optical Media

Stampa su CD

Cd, Dvd & Bluray

Vinyl Disk 


On spindle


Jewel Box Tray nero

Jewel box with black tray

Jewel Box Tray trasparente

Jewel box with transparent tray

slim box tray nero

Slim box with black tray

Slim box with transparent tray

Double jewel box with black tray

doppio jewel tray trasparente

Double jewel box with transparent tray

Busta pvc bag

PVC sleeve with flap

busta di carta con foro

Paper sleeve with window

busta cartoncino

Cardboard sleeve

busta cartoncino con anta

Cardboard sleeve with panel

digifile 2 ante

Digifile 2 panels

digifile 3 ante

Digifile 3 panels

digifile 4 ante

Digifile 4 panels

digipack 2 ante

Digipack 2 panels

digipack 3 ante

Digipack 3 panels

digipack 4 ante

Digipack 4 panels

Digiclick 2 ante

Digiclick 2 panels

Digiclick 3 ante

Digiclick 3 panels


Jewel box + slipcase

multipack 3 cd

Multipack 3 CD

super jewel box

Super jewel box

jakebox senza finestra

Jakebox withuot window

Jakebox with window

dvd box nero

Dvd box black

dvd box trasparente

Dvd box transparent

dvd slimbox nero

Dvd slimbox black

Dvd slimbox trasparente

Dvd slimbox transparent

dvd box doppio nero

Double dvd box black

dvd box doppio trasparente

Double dvd box transparent

blu ray box

Bluray box

dvd slipcase

Dvd box + slipcase

dvd pack

Dvd pack

dvd file

Dvd file

dvd click

Dvd click


libretto stampa 4/1

Printed Booklet 4/1

libretto stampa 4/4

Printed Booklet 4/4

leporello stampa 4/1

Printed Leporello 4/1

leporello stampa 4/4

Printed Leporello 4/4

poster 4/1

Printed Poster 4/1

poster 4/4

Printed Poster 4/4

Printed Booklet Dvd-Bluray 4/1

Printed Booklet Dvd-Bluray 4/4

Shrink wrapping available on request.
To request other formats, please contact us on our email.