[blockquote text=”The cassette is a phonographic support magnetic tape. It is composed of two coils, enclosed in a plastic material container, which collect the magnetic tape used to record or reproduce sound material for a total maximum of 90 minutes.
you can customize it with different colors and through the label printing and Jcard, available up to 3 panels.” show_quote_icon=”yes”]


musicassetta viola purple tapes

Color: Purple

musicassetta rosa pink tapes

Color: Pink

musicassetta verde green tapes

Color: Green

musicassetta verde pisello pea green tapes

Color: Pea green

musicassetta verde mare sea green tapes

Color: Sea green

musicassetta azzurra light blue tapes

Color: Light blue

musicassetta blu tapes

Color: Blue

musicassetta gialla yellow tapes

Color: Yellow

musicassetta arancio orange tapes

Color: Orange

musicassetta rossa red tapes

Color: Red

musicassetta rosso mattone brick red

Color: Brick red

musicassetta bianca white tapes

Color: White

musicassetta nera black tapes

Color: Black

musicassetta trasparente trasparent tapes

Color: Transparent

musicassetta trasparente satinata transparent satin tapes

Color: Transparente satin

musicassetta grigia grey tapes

Colore: Grey

Shrink-wrapping available on request.
For further formats, please contact us at info@mrvertigovinylrecords.com