7″ Vinyl Picture Disc – 6 minutes each side


Click on “START DESIGN” to create your customized graphics step-by-step and then press the “SAVE” button.
Please, wait a few minutes to see the vinyl preview.
Upload the audio files one by one, according to the order of your songs on side A/B.
WARNING: f you exceed the minutes provided in the offer will be added a surcharge of 0.022 € + VAT per second.

The STANDARD order is processed within 15-20 days from the time you receive the appropriate material and payment.
The PRIORITY order (+ 15€ to be paid at the end of the order) is processed within 3 days from the moment in which the suitable material and payment are received.

Before adding the product to the cart, it is possible to add the GIFT WRAPPING with card and personalized message.
At the end of the processing we will send you the shipment tracking.
For a correct configuration of the vinyl we recommend using Google Chrome.

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Start Design


The 7” vinyl record allows you to cut up to 6 minutes each side.
The direct cutting on picturedisc vinyl and includes:
• Image printed on the entire surface of the disc on both sides;
• Transparent protective envelope.